About US

IQLab is a Fast developing global brand, based on many years of tradition and experience.

Our subsidiaries are located in Los Angeles, London and Warsaw. We serve hundreds of Customers worldwide every day. We have achieved high positions on extremely demanding markets, dominated by fully professional companies.

Our key qualities are professionalism and passion, which altogether create the supreme quality of our products. We cooperate with the best specialists in medicine and pharmacy, in order to produce efficient diet supplements, diet nutritional healthy supporting products, as well as plant preparations. All this for your healthy. We make all efforts to make our products meet the requirements and needs of our Customers.

Our offer is oriented on individual Customers. We particularly wish to reach people who treat healthy, wellness, physical ability, and attractive look not only as words, but also find them as important factors in their real lives. We address our offer to people who experience a Real need for a change of their organism for better and search for a solution, which will not only provide them nutritional components, vitamins and minerals, but also will help to improve their look and increase their attractiveness.

Each project we start from thorough research, implementing the latest and most innovative solutions. This provides you with truly effective, safe products of supreme quality.

Our company strictly complies with sanitary and epidemiological safety norms, constantly increasing safety standards.

The production is carried out according to GHP/GMP rules. This means strict observance of fundamental sanitary and epidemiological requirements, assuring proper safety and wu ality of healthy preparations.

Products with IQLab brand, signify supreme quality, efficiency and safety. Mainly because each our product contains individual, unfalsifiable security hologram, with serial number guaranteeing it’s geuninity.

Our Values

Creation of our supplements is based on following values, which constitute one of the most import ant bases of our work:
We make all efforts to make our products
meet your expectations in 100%

We recommend
healthy life

We make all efforts to make our products meet your expectations in 100%.

Healthy products

The mission of our company is to provide the supreme quality healthy products, actively improving healthy, wellness and shape of our Customers.

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Our products

Dietary Supplement
Dietary Supplement
IQ acai
Dietary Supplement
Dietary Supplement
Dietary Supplement

We live on a constant run, stress and noise. We lack rest, relax, or opportunity to regenerate our forces. All this stimulates various diseases, healthy problems and civilization sicknesses.

Each year, however, grows the social level of consciousness related to physical shape, wellness and fitness. We improve our understanding why it is worth taking care of our organism, and then a question „how” appears?

Wishing to meet these expectations and needs and above all, caring of all who want to Take care of their own healthy and organism, we created a line of diet supplements, and vegetal diet products. This all constitutes a thorough healthy prevention system.

Why choose Us?

Our products are highly efficient, safe and qualitative. Our Customers choose our solutions for following reasons: